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Richard T. Bennett

We've Expanded Our Practice

In February, 2015, Mr. Bennett was appointed as a Justice of the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario).  He and Mr. Day have known each other since undergrad and practised across the street from one another for over 20 years.  It was therefore a natural fit for Day + Borg LLP to take over his practice.  All of Justice Bennett's clients' original Last Wills and Powers of Attorney are in safekeeping with our office at 93 Queen Street South.   As did Justice Bennett, we recommend a review of all Wills more than five years old should your circumstances have changed.  Justice Bennett's telephone number (905-826-1453) has been transferred to our office.


Our practice is a general one and we would be pleased to assist you with any of your legal needs.  If you have any questions about our firm or your files that are currently held at our office, please contact Sherry Myers at 905-826-5670 ext. 225 or by email at