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Corporate Matters We have extensive experience in assisting individuals involved in the breakdown of a marriage or family unit. We appreciate that this time in an individual’s life is highly stressful and can be very complicated depending upon the circumstances of the parties. We have handled thousands of files of a domestic nature with a broad spectrum of complexity and issues and we are equipped to deal with difficult and delicate matters in an expeditious manner. It is always our preference to assist the client to mediate and resolve the issues in dispute where possible, as it is usually less confrontational and conducive to fair outcomes, but sometimes a court appearance cannot be avoided because one party is not prepared to negotiate, or affairs are such that negotiation is not a viable alternative. If the need arises, we are very qualified and capable to take on the task and our results have been very good.

Your first step is to download, print off and complete our Family Matter Intake Form. The form is located  below in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.  If you are unable to download and/or print the form then please contact our office by email or telephone (905-826-5670) to arrange for a copy of this form.

Once you have completed the Family Matter Form, email or fax it back to our office.  A member of our staff will then contact you to set up an appointment.  It would be helpful if you brought any documentation you might possess confirming any income, assets and/or liabilities to your appointment .

At Day + Borg LLP, we know when dealing with custody, parenting disputes, spousal and child support, the division of property, and other family matters, emotions can be an impediment to an early resolution.  Pragmatic and empathetic, we will endeavour to keep you focused if and when we feel emotions are distracting from the task at hand.  We know how to secure the necessary information from the other side and we work hard at being proactive, astute and focussed.  Sometimes negotiation is not possible when the other side is not interested and when a negotiation approach will not work for you and we adapt our strategy accordingly.


Download our Family Matter Intake Forms below in your preferred format

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