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Real Estate Matters

Real Estate Matters

Real Estate Matters We are located in a rapidly growing community. The corollary to this is we are involved in residential real estate, both on the sale and purchase side, and we would be pleased to assist you in this area if the need arises. We have block fees for "straight-forward" conveyancing matters. Most transactions fall into this category but sometimes problems do arise and we are competent to deal with the more difficult transactions. The cost is dependent on the time involvement which is discussed in advance.

You will find Melissa, Karen and Ashley, our Real Estate Clerks to be helpful and efficient.  They are well qualified to field your inquiries and issues on summary basis.  If you have inquiries related to purchase, sale or mortgage transactions, they can be directed to Melissa, Karen or Ashley.  Mr. Day will obviously handle your file until closing, but the "team approach" is comforting when you need an immediate response to any questions you may have.

Real estate conveyancing is dramatically changing in Ontario with the advent of electronic registration and computer databanks for property registration.  We have kept our skills and computer hardware current to meet the challenges of automation.  If you would like us to assist you in your real estate needs, we would ask that you fax us the fully signed copy of the agreement with all attachments.

New Mortgage Rules Kick In - October 16, 2016

Canadians looking to buy homes between $500,000 and $1 million will have to put down larger down payments as new federal rules take effect Monday, October 16, 2016.   Under the changes, homebuyers must now put at least 10% down on the portion of a home that costs more than $500,000.  Buyers can still put down 5% on the first $500,000 of a home purchase. Homes that cost more than $1 million still require a 20% down payment.  Ottawa also closed a tax loophole so that only Canadian Residents can use the Principal Residence Tax Exemption.  The exemption allows homeowners to avoid Capital Gains Tax when they sell a home as long as they were living in it.  People who have less than 20% down-payment will require insured mortgages.  Those buyers will now have to undergo a "Stress Test" to make sure they will be able to afford payments if the interest rates go up in the future.


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  Important Information 

  • HST is applicable to all fee quotes and most disbursements

  • All fees do not include Land Transfer Tax and Registration Costs

  • Transactions closing within a 2 week time frame will be subject to an additional fee of $200.00 at the firm's discretion

  • Fees for transactions involving a property purchased with a price of over $700,000.00 are higher. This fee is determined by our office based on complexity and risk and a specific quote should be obtained

  • Major Lender def'n:  Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, TD/Canada Trust, CIBC