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Separation Agreements

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Any relationship breakdown is usually a negative experience, and it involves numerous questions that require timely answers.  Verbal promises or loose understandings can create confusion later.  A formal agreement is necessary to provide stability to the parties.

Separation agreements are legally binding contracts that deal with property, support and custody issues at the end of a relationship.  Separation agreements must be in writing, freely negotiated between the spouses, witnessed by third parties, and each spouse should receive independent legal advice.

A fairly negotiated separation agreements is usually a better alternative to going to court, but can also be problematic if not properly drafted.  Drafting your own separation agreement without legal advice or using a standardized form from the internet or self-help book is very risky.  Courts will strike down separation agreements that are unclear or patently unfair. Day+Borg LLP can properly represent you in negotiating and drafting an enforceable separation agreement with the clarity and precision required for an enforceable settlement that will adequately address current and future needs.